Crisis Care and Support Services

Support Services / Crisis Care

Providing experienced support staff in different parts of the country, on an emergency basis where no placement can be found for a child or young person. This may be in a hotel, apartment,  static caravan, log cabin or holiday cottage. 

Our staff will support the young person 24/7 on a short-term basis, (restrictions apply)  until a placement can be found. Support workers are also able to provide support within the family home, for additional support in managing and promoting positive and consistent behaviour. 

Respite and Activity Based breaks

Providing  respite for families, foster carers and residential homes. Our staff can work as part of a team with children and young people, in a range of locations, Staff partake in positive activities giving new experiences to the young people as part of the care plan. 

We also offer daily respite for as little as a few hours, positive daily activities including walking, theme parks, the zoo, shopping, and bowling. 

We welcome children and young people of any gender, who may display certain behaviours i.e. self-harming, high risk absconders, substance mis-use, gang affiliation and CSE. 

The activities are there to encourage, positive interaction through physical and mental endurance, team work, relaxation and fun. 

Secure and None Secure Escorting

Secure and Non Secure Escorting Services (Missing from Placement)

Transporting children and young people from, and to, secure units, medical appointments, residential homes, court appearances. We can also transport small pets, medication, paper work and personal belongings.

Collection of children and young people who have absconded or have been missing from home or placement, from various environments and returning to placement.

Our staff  are trained in de-escalation techniques as well as physical restraint, which is only implemented when necessary to maintain the safety of the young person and staff, or at the request of the social worker. Full details available upon request.

Children’s homes and secure units

We can provide experienced staff to assist with staffing issues or provide catered support for one individual young person needing 1:1, 2:1 support. Working alongside the Team of staff already in place, we can also offer sleep-in service or waking nights. Further information available for long-term contracts special rates. 

Bed Watch

Working with Vulnerable children and young people during and/or after admission to hospital. Building relationships, interacting, monitoring, observing, report writing, supervising family contact, preventing absconsion.

Supervised Family Contact and Welfare Visits

Our staff will fully observe family contact at an agreed venue, recording the contact in a report which is then sent to the social worker. Transport can also be arranged. 

Our Staff can conduct welfare visits to family home to ensure the safety and well being of all children and family within the property. 

Support Services & Crisis Care

Classroom Support

Our staff will attend school with a child or young person in order to support positive behaviour and provide assistance to teaching staff in promoting consistent behaviour in the classroom.